Run Forest Run!

get asked often how I started running. Very carefully and very slowly. My intention was to go for one this morning but when I stepped outside it was snowing. It’s almost May. Ugh!
One of my biggest struggles is getting the motivation to get out and DO IT. The best shot I have at getting it done is being dressed and ready to head out right from the kids’ bus stop. I refuse to step foot back into the house for anything. We all know what happens when we do that. The couch starts calling you. The bed hollers from upstairs, “Jill! I’m waiting for you and I’m nice and cozy!” So I grab my headphones, water and cell on my way out the door with the kids. The bus stop has also been a great meeting place for another mama that lives on our street. We go together as often as we can. It really takes the boredom out of doing it alone!
I was walking several times a week and then one day something told me to run. Not because I had that creepy feeling that a weirdo was behind me and I should run for my life… it was my body’s way of telling me it was time to step it up!
There are apps out there that can help to get you started like Couch to 5K that trains you with intervals of walking and running. You can also make a game of it with an app called Zombies, Run! where you are on a mission to escape from zombies. If that isn’t enough to get you going I don’t know what is!
I don’t run for my entire workout. I usually walk and run in spurts because I’m still not the best of shape, my legs get tired and I get winded. I am not as regimented as the Couch to 5K app though, if I’m in my neighborhood I look ahead and give myself a mailbox or car ahead to run to then walk for a bit. If I’m at the track at the middle school behind my house then I run the straights and walk the curves. Then, I’ll switch that up a bit and run the curves and walk the straights. Soon enough I’ll be running an entire mile without taking a break! Then 2 miles, then 3…  Hubby is still after me to run a half marathon at Disney. We’ll see about that…
My entire point here is just start somewhere. Anywhere. Start with just a minute if that’s all you can do. Add 3 seconds to it the next day, or double it. Whatever your body can handle, it’ll tell you when it’s too much. Challenge yourself to run to one more mailbox further. Just DO IT.