So Many Snubbies!

We get asked a lot why we named our new Boston Terrier puppy Snubby, I mean it is kind of a unique name. My dad’s side of the family has a long history of male Boston Terriers and they were all named Snubby. The first Snubby was born in the 1930’s and named after a Boston Terrier (though some say that he was a pitbull) named Sergeant Stubby who has been named the biggest war hero of his time. Stubby participated in 17 engagements and four major campaigns including those at Aisne-Marne, Champagne-Marne, St. Mihiel and Meuse-Argonne.

John Robert Conroy with Stubby, Ecommoy France 1919 (National Archives)
John Robert Conroy with Stubby, Ecommoy France 1919 (National Archives)

His story is so inspirational and can be found here with many more photos and watch a video here:

In 1933 hen my grandmother got the first snubby, she altered the name a bit when she got Snubby1 in 1930 and aparantly one year he jumped on the Thanksgiving table and ate an entire pound of butter which was quite the luxury during that time!

Snubby1 was born in 1930
Snubby1 was born in 1930

Snubby 2 came along in 1955 and was my dad and aunt’s childhood pet. My aunt Jocelyn remembers getting to stay home from school to pick him up. She went up to their school to show him off in a handsome red collar to her school mates. Snubby2 was very potective, he would go after my grandparents viciously if they tried to spank my dad and aunt. My aunt also said that Snubby2 also did not like her parents kissing. He would circle around them in an agitated state until they stopped… sometimes they did it just to get a rise out of him. Ha! Snubby2 also would circle the table when my grandmother would make anise cookies at Christmas. The cookies had to rise over night on the dining room table and the smell drove him wild. He never ate dog food, only table scraps and lived to the old age of 16.

snubby2plus 001
Snubby 2 as a pup, he actually looks quite a bit like Snubby6!
snubby2plus 001-3
Snubby2 with my dad and aunt as kids!
snubby2plus 001-2
An older Snubby2 with my dad who was about 20 here. Not really sure why he’s wearing heart pajamas…

Snubby3 was crazy. He was truly viscous and hated everyone. It was said that he even attacked a group of nuns and bit them! My grandmother tried everything possible to help him be normal, took him to many trainers to help but he wound up with a very early demise. My grandmother was heartbroken but then my brother and I were born, she and my grandfather moved to California and she got over it quickly. We unfortunately don’t have any photos of Snubby3 that we know of. 😦

Check back for photos and stories about Snubby4 and 5 soon!