One year later…

As the year anniversary of my Carotid Artery Dissection was approaching I had many feelings spring up. I was feeling guilt because I knew many people would be curious to know how the last year has played out and I’ve been bad about writing blog posts. I was feeling joy because my health has been improving tremendously but then feeling sad for those that have the opposite experience with CAD. Some have lifelong effects of this injury and some sadly die from it.

There are still many unknowns about CAD and in my case we still aren’t sure how it occurred. After looking back at my week that week I was fairly stressed with several fundraiser events coming up, my mom visiting, some bad news for the chorus I sing with and was exercising 4-5 days a week. Two nights before I had spent about 4 hours cleaning and organizing the chorus storage room with a friend. I had been reaching overhead lifting boxes and bins. The day after that I went to Jazzercise and that’s when it all began with the headache and then wound up in the hospital the next day. I may have created the perfect storm for the injury to occur. We just don’t know.

I’ve had several MRAs over the past year, each one drastically improving from the last one and thankfully the headaches have nearly come to a halt. I’m blessed to have a body that repaired itself quickly and I’m thankful for everyone who helped me get through it and move on!