Weight Loss

I’m a Loser

This week I achieved my biggest weight loss goal yet. It didn’t come without it’s challenges. For the last 5 months I’ve been in a plateau and it’s been the most frustrating experience, especially since I was within 5lbs of the 100lb goal all that time. Starting this blog put a little fire under me for sure. I’ve been much more health conscious with my food choices and I’ve been exercising regularly. Everyone has noticed my body changing but because the scale wasn’t budging I couldn’t really recognize it myself. I’m pretty sure I’ve been building muscle and burning fat which is ideal!

So on Wednesday I went to my regular 10am Weight Watchers meeting not expecting to have lost enough to be even close to 100lbs lost. I stepped up onto the scale and thought to myself that I should have peed first (as if that would have made a difference!) When Enola told me that I was .4 away from that giant goal I’d had in sight for 5 months I was in shock. She told me to take my necklace off, I complied and also took off my glasses and wedding ring. I was still .1 away and the bathrooms were out of commission. I walked over to Tim Horton’s next door and squeezed out everything I could and returned back to the scale. My heart was pounding with every step back. When I stepped up on that scale I had very little confidence that I’d make it that day. I immediately pictured it taking weeks more since this holiday weekend was going to be a challenge.

She looked up at me and told me I had done it. I had lost 100lbs in exactly two and a half years. That’s about what my two kids weigh combined. It’s unbelievable how amazing I feel now compared to that first day I started this journey. When my leader Jen called my name and gave me my award signed by Florine I bawled like a baby. Everyone in the room stood up and clapped for me. I bawled even harder. That moment was one of the happiest of my life.

Many people before me have lost 100 pounds faster than me, but I’m OK with that. I did it my way and discovered so many things about life, food, farming, nutrition, exercise and myself that enables me to share it all with you and inspire others. What you others don’t know is that you inspire me. You give me the courage to keep moving, keep sharing and keep inspiring to be a healthier mom for my kids and for myself. Thank you to all who have supported me, taken the time to congratulate me or shared with me how much I’ve inspired you. YOU are truly my inspiration!