Living a Daze of Motherhood Craze

tired mom

When my son was born 11 years ago I swear my brain fell out of my vagina. Yep. I said it. I was exhausted, I couldn’t focus, I was in a complete fog. It didn’t get any better with the second kid either. I thought this was how motherhood was supposed to be. This was my life now. I lived in a haze… a daze in the midst of motherhood craze.

So around week 2 of my new optimal health plan I noticed something different. Something totally crazy. Something amazing. I felt like myself again. My old self. My 11 years ago self. My BC (before children) self. My mental clarity had returned. The fog lifted. The haze and daze had vanished!

What was this craziness? This sorcery?! What’s the secret you ask? Diet. I had spent all those years abusing my body and not giving it what it craved. The haze? Yeah, that was my body begging for nutrition. Probably revolting against all the junk I had given it all these years. It’s amazing how quickly my body responded to the balanced nutrition I was now consistently giving it.

Are you in a motherhood daze too? I can help! Just ask.