We are Bahamas Bound!

This week has been amazing, it started with my birthday (yes, I AM 29. Thank you for asking!) and spending the weekend with my BFF Rachael in her hometown White Hall/Montegue/Muskegon (what a gorgeous area!). We got hit with that HUGE nasty storm that knocked out the power and water at the campground but I got my lovely new wedding ring that was necessary because my 100 pound weight loss had shrunk my fingers by 3 1/2 sizes and they couldn’t size the old one down anymore without risking the diamonds falling out. Oh darn, right?!? Isn’t it amazing??? I’m totally in love with it!


The week progressed with a girls night out Wednesday night, date night with the hubs on Saturday with dinner and a movie. A kid free night thanks to friends taking both the kids! Total win there! But it ended with the biggest surprise EVER. A 4 day cruise to the Bahamas!

You may or may not know that I am a distributor for Makeup Eraser which is a super soft, reusable, natural and machine washable cloth that removes 100% of your makeup with JUST WATER. Yup, even your waterproof and/or smudge proof mascara and eyeliner. Yes, even your theater makeup and the makeover (or under) that your kid just gave you. It even removes sharpie from your face and cleans your makeup brushes. With. Just. Water. No more wipes that have harsh chemicals in them that are clogging up the sewers and landfills, no more raccoon eyes, no more tears, no more rubbing our skin until it wrinkles. Yup, it’s pretty much awesome.

MUE pink

I have really enjoyed introducing people to it since November when I became a distributor, not only because the extra cash is nice (we paid for Christmas last year using just my commissions from MUE!) but because it has changed the way we care for our faces! I used to be one of those people who would sleep in their makeup and now I at least use the Makeup Eraser and my skin is so much clearer and softer now plus my lashes are thanking me. I no longer have to scrub and scrub to get that stuff off! My makeup brushes have never been so clean either. It used to be such a daunting task to clean them so I would put it off as long possible. Want to know the best part? When you wash it, it comes 100% clean and looks and feels brand new. Up to 1,000 washes. Yippee! OK, enough about the MUE, if you don’t have one, just get one! You’re welcome!

So last month MUE had a contest for distributors and the top 100 producers could win a cruise to the Bahamas in October. When the top 100 list was released on the I didn’t even bother really looking at it because I didn’t think there was ANY way that I would be on there. When I got the email the next day congratulating me on my earning a 4 day cruise to the Bahamas I thought for sure it was spam. I was super busy with camping trips, birthdays and work that I really didn’t have it in me to work real hard at trying to win. Well, just doing my normal check ins with my retailers and selling a few to friends qualified me! There I was, #60 out of 100!


We never got a honeymoon since our son was 3 months old at the time of our wedding in 2006 and I was breastfeeding (totally not sexy) and we always said we’d take a honeymoon “someday”. Well that “someday” is now this October when we set sail to the Bahamas! Can’t wait to finally get away without our kids and really celebrate our marriage (even though it’s 9 years later ha!). Yay!