Meet the newest addition to our family!

We have a new family member! He’s an 8 week old Boston Terrier named Snubby. He’s the 6th Snubby in a long line of Snubbies in my family and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be carrying the torch on. How could you not love this face?!?

Meet Snubby6!

I grew up with a dog, but really didn’t have a desire to have one as an adult. I’m a cat person through and through and couldn’t have one growing up because my dad didn’t like cats which is why I got two while I was away at college. The last couple of years I’ve had so much pressure from my hubby and kids to get a dog. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy or cheap and well, like most people I want cheap and easy when at all possible.

When I made the mistake of telling our daughter Violet that if she rode her bike without training wheels on memorial day this year and she did it within about 5 minutes I knew I was in trouble. If I agreed to the dog I wanted it to be one that I wanted. I always loved my Aunt Jocelyn’s 2 Snubbies and knew that a Boston would be the perfect fit for our family. Not too big or small, good with kids, super fun energy, doesn’t shed too badly and uber adorable. And now I had the job of hunting one down thanks to Violet’s awesome bicycling skills.

I searched for a Boston for a long time, well over a year (much of that time was in secret). I searched Pet Finder, all kind of rescues and nothing fit our needs. Either they had an illness that I knew we couldn’t take on or they weren’t compatible with cats or kids or both. When I found a local breeder with pet quality Bostons on Craigslist I was thrilled! She had 8 pups ready for adoption around the time we got home from our trip to the Upper Penninsula! A couple days after contacting her we drove the hour to meet the pups and picked one out. We were so in love immediately, he was the runt. Wasn’t he so tiny at 4 weeks?

Snubby6 at 4 weeks, he was so tiny!
Snubby6 at 4 weeks, he was so tiny!

We are so thrilled to have this newest addition to our family and really look forward to watching him grow up over the new year with our kids. The kids are over the moon with excitement as is the hubby. Stay tuned for the entire history of the all the family Snubbies including who the original Snubby1 was named after with lots of pictures!