Weight Loss

I Ate Ice Cream

I ate ice cream. I did. There’s no fun photo here because it was gone before my eyes. I’m not ashamed to admit that I ate the ice cream or that it happened more than once this weekend.

While shopping for our camping trip this past week I bought ice cream bars (6 count cookies and cream drumsticks!) for our 3 kids with the intention of them each getting one on two of the nights we were there. The minute it made it into my cart I had already decided that one of those was going to be in my belly that weekend and we were going to have a numbers problem later.

We arrived at the campground Friday night and went to bed almost immediately but come Saturday those drumsticks were calling my name. I told the kids that after lunch they could have ice cream. I knew I was giving myself permission to eat one too since my hubby wasn’t there to witness it (he had to run into work that afternoon). Dang, it was yummy but uh oh… Now there are only 2 in the box. 3 kids, 2 ice creams. See? I knew there would be a numbers problem if I gave into that darn ice cream. I called the hubby, confessed and told him he’d better get more.

When he arrived with a 12 pack of ice cream sandwiches I knew I was really in trouble. 12 is almost limitless to this fat girl! The next day I gave the kids an ice cream sandwich after lunch again and once again gave myself permission to have ice cream. I deserved it right?! “I ran twice while on vacation so I worked it off!” I told myself.

Then the third ice cream came into play, there were 2 adults and the limitless box of ice cream sandwiches. Even our daughter suggested we have to 2 drumsticks left! There… the permission I needed! So I ate it. Ugh.

I’d done so great getting sugar out of my diet at the beginning of the year that I’m disappointed in myself but realize I can’t be perfect all the time. There will be times that I will allow myself to give in and enjoy something off plan for a special occasion. I just can’t say that me waking up today is a special occasion. Everyday! If you slip, don’t beat yourself up. Also, don’t give up and eat the “what’s the use cake”. Just pick yourself up agree that what’s done is done and move on!

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