Holy Oranges!

So I work full time as a nail artist in a full service salon and on Mondays we seem to get a lot of solicitors walking through the door (even though most salons are closed on Mondays). Well yesterday was no exception.
I was waiting for my guest who was running 15 minutes late and reeling on the fact that I had just started this blog. I was brainstorming about topics I could write about when I hear the chime of the front door opening. I walk towards the front and greet a strange man, about 70ish who is NOT my beautiful guest I had been waiting for. I ask how I can help him and he tells me he’s the man with the oranges. I look at him strangely. Oranges?! He proceeds to tell me that he has a truck full of California certified organic oranges and will bring me a sample. Alrighty then.
Meanwhile my guest arrives and I fill her in on what’s going on and if I die from eating this orange to tell my family I love them and have this man arrested. Orange Man returns with the most luscious oranges and I sample both. Equally delicious and juicy! He shares the price per bushel (I’ve never bought a bushel of ANYTHING so I had ZERO clue about how many oranges this would amount to) and I agree to buy one.
Orange Man sure does deliver a mean bushel. This is what he came back with! 56 beautiful oranges he says will last about 3 months and swears were picked 5 days ago, are organic and coated with natural beeswax, aren’t dyed and are not gassed with ethylene. I can appreciate all these things! (Did you know that most oranges aren’t really orange and they weren’t named after their color? I didn’t either! Read more here.)

So when random people walk into my life or odd things happen I really try to look at the why and what can I learn from this experience?  It got me thinking about one of my favorite essential oils, Orange of course!

Did you know that Orange Essential Oil contains 85-95% limonene? It has the highest level of d-limonene next to grapefruit oil! D-limonene is a powerful antioxidant that aids in maintaining normal cellular regeneration. Orange uses were first discovered by the Chinese centuries ago and since have remained as a vital part of Chinese medicine. They used orange to relieve spasm and stimulate digestion, and bring good luck!  One of my favorite ways to use orange essential oil is to a glass of water. It can also be diffused for an emotional lift!

This experience with Orange Man (his real name is David Davis and he said he’s also a furniture maker) has really enlightened me and I really see his arrival into my salon yesterday as a sign that this blog was truly meant to be. I would have never known so much about oranges if he hadn’t walked through our door and you wouldn’t have been entertained by this story for the last few minutes. Orange you glad I shared it?! I know, I’m sorry. That HAD to be done.

I’ve gotta run, I have 55 more oranges to eat…
Do you want more information about essential oils? Visit http://www.jillsoils.com to get started!

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